Life is like a box of chocolates....

Well then I am back from a long week in Arizona on a ticket that had to be purchased at the last minute because as some of you know the tour that was promised, was never there to begin with. I was told (along with others) after the CD release at the Bing, the tour would begin four days following during Thanksgiving week, with 2 gigs booked in LA, one in Az, allowing me to spend a couple of days with family there, then headed south to Texas. These were easy things to believe as monies were given, release was booked, and t-shirts were purchased along with CD's. It was also stated that member's of a band were being put together from other areas of US (drummer from California, bass player from Chicago, keyboardist from back east), and I was encouraged to quit my job after 25 years (AND I did), stopped booking my music gigs in Spokane because it was a 2 1/2 month tour and stopped lessons. After MUCH uncovering, research, and learning that tours are booked WELL in months (yes I asked multiple times about this and should have known as I have been booking myself 4 months in advanced for the last 6 years!) the last piece of the puzzle was revealed today during a conversation from an amazing gent down south who was the one that was "used" for "managing this tour" and confirmed that he had nothing to do with promises that were made in his name as he is a professional, knows how the industry works and manages many on tours. His words were TRUE and REAL. And my mind was put to rest once and for all.

There were also some other discoveries about Unrequited Love that are unfortunate as well. The individual who was producing claimed that he played and wrote all parts on the CD, never wanting his name mentioned on any media interviews I did or on the CD. He was "just trying to be nice and help me out." We are finding out that his stated solo involvement in this music production was untrue as well. There are some that need credit where credit is deserved! EVERYONE of these gents (musicians and engineers) have been called thanked, apologized to from me as I am not a producer or not one to ignore those who make my lyrics and music great and found these things out after the fact. a good friend of mine said to me....after the discoveries and apologies to many "these are your babies (songs i wrote) and that is YOU singing, that's what the fans love"

With all that being said, I believe there is a path I am on. This was all meant to happen and the higher power gives us gifts sometimes disguised in ways that aren't meant to be understood. I AM going to CONTINUE to believe in what I do! I'm going to play my music and get it out there to many! It is where I feel at home now. MANY have already come forward to help in this you and all that follow my journey.......THANK YOU!

Your help in getting my music out there, letting venues know my name when you hear they support local music. Sharing my web page and the fact that people can purchase CDs and t-shirts on this link too. I am VERY grateful for everyone's LOVE and SUPPORT. For without it....NONE of this would be possible!

Much love!