Life gives us choices. We all know this. What do we do with these choices?
Yes, like yours, the grass is green (not greener) on the other side....
HOWEVER it DOES mows just a bit different. No?
As I sit typing these words in the middle of Hiaku, feet up, lounging in the antique chair of a cottage with lovely french doors, flowing white curtains, hard wood floors, a tiny corner kitchen with a loft across from me presenting a bed and colorful tapestry tacked above on an angled ceiling. I think to myself, GIRL you sure made one hell of a CHOICE! Not pictured and present.....Martin!
THANK YOU Ingrid for allowing me to stay in your beautiful and tranquil place you have created and call your home! I LOVE YOU!


Music, from the beginning, especially this year, after scrambling from changes that I now see were a part of a bigger plan, has been simply amazing! It's freight train mission to bring me to life has shown me so may incredible journeys of growth. The biggest starting now.
I myself like to shake things up every so often, seems to be every 6 years or so in my life....
SOOOOO, I decided to move to Maui, sold everything and moved in with two very amazing friends DJ and Lanny Calkins August 1st! WHY NOT?
There are TWO humans in my life that I care deeply for and were (and are) the only ones that I called for blessings and guidance. Of course it was received with open arms and thoughts, my time, my life they said. Thank you, to the sweet and amazing men who hold the very fibers of my being withinRyan and Evan for your unconditional and true blue love.


I arrived to Maui on Wednesday the 27th! Stayed in Hiaku for a night. Then some friends of myself via my music (Timekeepers Dream) to be exact, were here on vacation in their amazing home and graciously took me in for a week as a stray.......
This allowed me to comfortably yet frantically look for
A. A place to stay
B. A car
C. A job
Lets just say that week for me was VERY enlightening, humbling, scary, nerve racking, and tested my strength.
Foolish I was to think that I could fly in and find EVERYTHING I needed to be ready for me??
It was time to let go. Let go of ego, let go of control. Ask for forgiveness. Sit down and be humble and give thanks for the OPPORTUNITY and CHOICES that the Universe lay in front of me. SLOW down is what I was being told. That I didn't need to control everything. I had a beautiful moment on a lava rock in the ocean that changed something very deep in me.
I walked and smiled. My eyes were weary from the ocean of salt that had just flowed from them. A river of pride and dignity that made its way to my heart. This is my home now.
Within minutes I started meeting my soon to be guides here now..they happen one by one. Perry whom I met on the plane ride over, then Shane and now Ingrid, the biggest. The many that have come across my path if only for a moment I am grateful for as well


I found a place to stay in Kihei (although I am much more partial to the up country areas Makawao and Pukulani) that will be the next step after I get in the grove! :)
Martin and I did an open mic in the "Triangle" at Lifes a Beach. It went over very well!! Got a great job at Whole Foods and they are willing to work with me as I start playing around as I did in Spokane. Word on the street is I may have already booked my first official gig??? :) :)
I am getting to know my way and have met new people. ALL have been great! When I tell them what I am doing. Everyone is so very supportive and positive. Its nice! General word on the street is she (the Island) either takes you in and protects you or spits you back out. I love it here and am grateful.
So cheers to new beginnings and exploring what you are REALLY made of....
It's bedtime! Stay tuned!!
Goodnight and LOVE